2 Key Digital Marketing Musts For Your Business in 2018

Digital Marketing is a vastness of possibilities which various platforms offer multiple engagement opportunities for your business. What makes digital marketing hard? All depends on the goals of your business. Are you a direct response business which needs multiple conversions to create strong customers? Well, that is easier than you think but does take some time to scope out exactly what you are going to do and your cost.

I cover 1 strategy below which could help your bottom line by appealing to your customers to keep coming back to visit you, purchase more and increase the value of each one of your customers.

How about if you’re a local, one shop business with a low marketing budget? How can you utilize online marketing to convert web visitors? Or how can you attract them at a low cost? The 2nd digital marketing strategy I cover below is not only essential to implement, but it is also ITS FREE! That’s right, no cost at all except for you to set up.

Do I have your attention now? I thought so. Below, I cover 2 digital marketing strategies for your business in 2018 if you want to be relevant to your customers online

(1) Video Retargeting on YouTube, Facebook, and other 3rd Party Publishers



Retargeting, or also called Remarketing, is an effective tool to use in all of your marketing funnels especially if your an online/e-commerce business. It allows you to set up complete marketing funnels with appropriate and relevant follow up to increase your frequency.

Slightly different than traditional display advertising, video retargeting is a great strategy for several reasons. It allows you to leave a high-quality impression with a different communication medium than what they viewed on your website (text-based content). At this point, you can hit them with similar creative or messaging to reinforce what the user viewed on your website. If they still don’t convert? You can send them either different video in retargeting or a video testimonial.

video remarketingVideos are now easier than ever to create using inexpensive web-based tools such as goanimate.com. Business owners and marketing departments can create explainer videos or content related videos using tools that were much more expensive a few years ago to use! Marketers should use these videos in their marketing funnels in the form of retargeting on YouTube and Facebook.

How Can I Implement this Strategy?

First, you need to take a look at what your customers want and where they AREN’T converting on your website. This is easy using a tool like Google Analytics. Simply, click on the “Behavior” tab and look at exit pages. This will show you what pages users visit and then leave your website.

So why are they leaving your website? Not enough information? This is where the remarketing video comes into play. Utilizing low-cost tools like GoAnimate or Adobe Spark, you can easily create remarketing videos centered around the topic they bounced on. Users may have bounced because they don’t understand copy on your website or don’t understand the value you bring.

Next, is a video where you give them social proof or the opposite viewpoint than what your sales page offers (PPC Landing page, How It Works Page, etc). If your main selling tool is from a logical viewpoint, create a video that appeals to the emotional side of your product. Remember, your customers purchase on emotion, then rationalize their purchase with logic. Create a video that appeals to their emotion, which could be as easy as a video review.

Set up those 2 videos to remarket your customers and start to see the sales roll in!

(2) Fully Utilize Google My Business Tools


Google MyBusiness

Everyone is talking about the impact on Voice and for good reason, but I believe one of the biggest trends will be the growth of Google My Business, especially for local SEO marketing.

It’s no secret that both Google and even Facebook, want to give users local results when applicable. With a lot of the newer features coming out (Q&A, Local Service ads, etc) there is a reason to at least consider the thought of new search engine optimization strategies when it comes to Google. With more tools coming out frequently with Google My Business, local business owners should latch onto these tools as quickly as possible.

There could be a day, sooner rather than later, where your Google My Business page for local business owners could be way more important for SEO than your website.

Google My Business IS FREE!

This is way too good of an opportunity to pass up. Not only to start your Google My Business page but to utilize it in your marketing. How do you do that?


Make this the lifeblood of finishing an initial sale or service to your customers. Google My Business, for branded search, can take up a good portion of your branded search page. If you have great reviews, pictures and shown to be active, potential customers see you as a legitimate business.

Activity on Google My Business


Google loves local and wants to give local results for relevant search queries for service-based businesses like plumbers, contractors, real estate agents/brokerages, investors and anyone that offers product/service that relates to local search queries.

Customers are being conditioned to see these results and utilize them while in the “research” phase. Answer any questions (Q & A sections) and treat your Google My Business page as an extension of your website.

Remember, there will come a day when websites for service-based businesses or restaurants will become less important. Why? Because Google controls all. Their goal is to serve the user with the most relevant businesses and make the user-experience optimal.

Google doesn’t want the user to search for hours on the perfect contractor or restaurant, they want it right at their user’s fingertips. Take advantage of it now to set yourself up for future success.

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